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“Finding a way to bring classical literature, poetry, music, and opera to life in a visual way has been very satisfying for me as an artist.”

As I write this, I can attest that there is no other artist creating art in this way. Some artists paint on top of novel pages or music sheets, some super impose a photograph on top of words, but none like my unique method of sculpting text or music to fit the subject, giving it dimension.

I started out as a visual learner, an artist. I imagine I hadn’t any choice in the matter from the time I was small and remembered how my name looked, not so much how it was spelled. Letters and words to me have always been more than a language. They are shapes. I probably read much slower than most people because I am distracted by how words look — some are very pretty, some not as much. But I love them all. I would even look at a page of print and try to make an image out of the random white spaces. Words are language which is amazing in itself, then there being a way to communicate precisely by handwriting a series of “letters” to be come words and words become stories, become messages, become communication. A miracle!

In working as a graphic designer, I am required to work numerous hours to perfect the look and visual aesthetics of an ad layout, logo, trade show exhibit, etc. I can fuss relentlessly on the kerning and spacing, fonts choices and weights; Light, Roman, Bold, Italic, San Serif vs Serif, on and on. There came time many years ago when I wanted to go further. It was more of something I wanted to do for myself and I knew this wasn’t something I would use in commercial art. I wanted to use it in fine art, on a canvas. I feel art should have an emotional connection and I wished to create that deep connection to the viewer of my artwork.

My inspiration to what I call “Sculpted Text” came from an art project I created with my oldest daughter in 2002. It was a 48” x 60”, Madonna and child built out of cut squares of paper. Some squares she applied acrylic paint on, some were script from the Gospel telling of the birth of Christ — which was the subject in our recreation by artist Bernardino Luini (Italian High Renaissance Painter, c 1480-1532) of the Madonna and Child. For this project, I wanted something more than straight type, so I curved it in my professional graphic design software. Once we cut out the squares and assembled them on the Madonna’s face, I loved how the scripture followed the curve of her cheek and the crevice of her nose. I have that piece hanging in our living room since 2002 and felt determined to create more art with text in the same manner.

Over the past years I strive to refine my own unique style with flowing typography and music bars. I finally landed some good results from my art studies using my theories on Sculpted Text and Sculpted Music. It is a direct influence from my career as a graphic designer, my love for typography and the world’s love for classical music and literary arts. Combined on canvas with paint, I feel I have found something very moving to me and to those who view my art. The text or music within my artistic subject matter is from beloved literature, novels, poems, song lyrics, music and Biblical scripture.

I utilize my graphic design skills along with my fine art techniques to create works on canvas that can stir the soul; a long forgotten bible passage, a rhyme from childhood, song lyrics, a classic novel, a favorite poem - - All these words bring about memories, fond feelings, nostalgia. Some of the writings in my art cannot be read fully, and that is intentional. “I am not putting it there for one to read as a book--but to inspire one to read that book!” The words are there as a design element, to add energy to the piece and perhaps it will trigger a memory for my viewer.

"We all love to read a wonderful story. This is a tribute to those wonderful stories and other articles of writing and music that; encourage, remind, inspire."


Specializing in the use of sculpted text and sculpted music sheets that characterize her striking contemporary style of paint on treated paper, in large and small scale.


Solo Show
Galerie Zuger, Santa Fe NM

Reception July 19 - 20, 2019

Solo Show
Masters Gallery, Denver CO

Reception August 3, 2019

Group Exhibit
InArt Gallery, Santa Fe NM
February 2018

Group Show
Magnolia Street Art Space in Denver
October 2018

Solo Show

Magnolia Street Art Space in Denver

January 2018


Solo Show
Turquoise Mesa Winery in Metro Denver
July - Aug 2017

Solo Show
ART at the Ranch in Metro Denver
July 2016

Group Invitational Exhibit
Converge Denver
February 2016


Colorado Institute of Art
Graduated 1987 with Visual Communication degree

Continued Eduction
Includes workshops from established artists:


• Shana Levenson, Albuqueque, NM

• Cody Hooper, American Abstract Artist from Santa Fe, NM

• Lynn Kirsher, Sculptor from Jarose, NM

• Carol Nelson Abstract Artist from Aurora, CO

• Joan Fullerton, Abstract Artist from Denver, CO

• Student Art League of Denver continued art studies




Santa Fe Opera NM

Commissioned Silk Scarf design for The Pearl Fishers

72" x 20"


Metropolitan Opera New York
Silk Scarf design of La Bohème
72" x 20"

Santa Fe Opera NM
Silk Scarf design of Madame Butterfly
72" x 20"

Central City Opera CO

Silk Scarf design of Madame Butterfly 
72" x 20"

Colorado National Golf Course
24"x24" work entitled "Kindred"

Republic Plaza Lobby
Downtown Denver
48"x48" work entitled "Set the Rain on Fire"

Denver Public Library
Downtown Denver
48"x48" work entitled "Ode to the Nightingale"



Ms. E. Caulkins - Denver Private Residence

Madame Butterfly


Mr. S. Donnel - Private Residence
6 works of art ranging from 48”x48” to 20”x20”


Ms. G. Lester - Texas Private Residence
35”x72” commission entitled “Romeo's Words”

Ms. R. Rogers - Arizona Private Residence
24”x24” work entitled “Love Notes”

Mr. & Mrs. M. Salter- Westminster CO Private Residence
48”x48” work entitled “Set the Rain on Fire”

Mr. & Mrs. J. Reinhart - Private Residence
36”x24” work entitled “Fragmented Joy”

Mr. & Mrs. D. Jackson - Private Residence
tryptic set 12”x36” each entitled “Psalm 37:4”

Mr. & Mrs. F. Heckendorf - Private Residence
36”x12” work entitled “Indian Summer”

Mrs. J. Muehleis - Chicago Private Residence
48”x48” work entitled “Garden Mist”

Mr. & Mrs. J. Faulkner - Arizona Private Residence
48"x48" entitled “The Dawn”
36"x24" entitled “Cityscape”

Mr. & Mrs. J. Durnford - Private Residence
36”x24” work entitled “Natural Light In Focus”

Mr. & Mrs. E. Durnford - Private Residence
tryptic set 8”x8” each entitled “Got A Friend”

Mrs. R. Oliver - Private Residence
20”x20” work from series entitled “Set the Rain on Fire”

Mr. & Mrs. M. Gallegos - Private Residence
tryptic set 12”x12” each from series entitled “Set the Rain on Fire”

Ms. J. Derry - Executive Office
12”x12” entitled “Sanguine”
12”x12” entitled “Taking Notes”

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