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“Finding a way to bring classical literature, poetry, music, and opera to life in a visual way has been very satisfying for me as an artist.”

From a young age, the world was a canvas for me. As an artist, I was naturally drawn to the visual world, even in how I perceived language. Letters weren't just symbols for sounds, they were shapes with their own unique beauty. I may have read slower than others, captivated by the aesthetics of each word. But for me, there was a magic in it all. Even the negative space between letters held a world of possibility, a chance to see an image emerge. Words were more than just language; they were the building blocks of stories, messages, and the very foundation of human connection. It's a marvel,truly, this ability to capture thought and feeling with a simple inscription of lines and curves.
As a graphic designer, I spend countless hours meticulously crafting the visual language of advertisements, logos, and trade show displays. Every detail – the kerning, spacing, font weight (Light? Roman? Bold?), serif or sans-serif – is meticulously considered to achieve a desired effect. But years ago, a yearning arose to push beyond these commercial constraints. I craved a deeper level of expression, a space where aesthetics served a more personal purpose: creating fine art. For me, art isn't just about visual impact; it's about forging an emotional connection with the viewer. That's the driving force behind my artistic journey – the desire to evoke a profound response in those who encounter my work.

Years of experimentation have been dedicated to forging my own artistic voice, a fusion of flowing typography and musical elements. My background in graphic design, particularly my love for typography, coupled with a universal appreciation for classical music and literary works, all played a role in shaping this unique style I call "Sculpted Text and Sculpted Music." By incorporating painted text and music bars directly onto the canvas, I've stumbled upon something deeply affecting – both for myself and, I'm happy to say, for viewers of my art. The source material? Beloved pieces from literature's vast tapestry – novels, poems, song lyrics, sheet music, and even biblical scripture. These cherished words and melodies become integral components, adding layers of meaning and emotion to my visual creations.

Weaving together my graphic design expertise with artistic techniques, I craft canvas pieces that resonate with the soul. Fragments of forgotten biblical verses, cherished childhood rhymes, snippets of lyrics, excerpts from classic novels, or lines from a favorite poem - all find their way into my art, evoking a sense of memory, fondness, and nostalgia.

Intentionally, some of the writings remain partially obscured. My purpose isn't to recreate a book on canvas, but rather to spark a yearning in the viewer to delve deeper, to revisit the original work. The words themselves serve as a design element, infusing the piece with vibrancy and potentially igniting a personal recollection within the observer.

"We all love to read a wonderful story. This is a tribute to those wonderful stories and other articles of writing and music that; encourage, remind, inspire."


Specializing in the use of sculpted text and sculpted music sheets that characterize her striking contemporary style of paint on treated paper, in large and small scale.


Solo Show
Masters Gallery, Denver CO

2019 - 2024

Solo Show
Galerie Zuger, Santa Fe NM

Reception July 19 - 20, 2019

Group Exhibit
InArt Gallery, Santa Fe NM
February 2018

Group Show
Magnolia Street Art Space in Denver
October 2018

Solo Show

Magnolia Street Art Space in Denver

January 2018


Solo Show
Turquoise Mesa Winery in Metro Denver
July - Aug 2017

Solo Show
ART at the Ranch in Metro Denver
July 2016

Group Invitational Exhibit
Converge Denver
February 2016


Colorado Institute of Art
Graduated 1987 with Visual Communication degree

Continued Eduction
Includes workshops from established artists:


• Shana Levenson, Albuqueque, NM

• Cody Hooper, American Abstract Artist from Santa Fe, NM

• Lynn Kirsher, Sculptor from Jarose, NM

• Carol Nelson Abstract Artist from Aurora, CO

• Joan Fullerton, Abstract Artist from Denver, CO

• Student Art League of Denver continued art studies




Santa Fe Opera NM

Commissioned Silk Scarf design for The Pearl Fishers

72" x 20"


Metropolitan Opera New York
Silk Scarf design of La Bohème
72" x 20"

Santa Fe Opera NM
Silk Scarf design of Madame Butterfly
72" x 20"

Central City Opera CO

Silk Scarf design of Madame Butterfly 
72" x 20"

Colorado National Golf Course
24"x24" work entitled "Kindred"

Republic Plaza Lobby
Downtown Denver
48"x48" work entitled "Set the Rain on Fire"

Denver Public Library
Downtown Denver
48"x48" work entitled "Ode to the Nightingale"



Ms. E. Caulkins - Denver Private Residence

Madame Butterfly


Mr. S. Donnel - Private Residence
6 works of art ranging from 48”x48” to 20”x20”


Ms. G. Lester - Texas Private Residence
35”x72” commission entitled “Romeo's Words”

Ms. R. Rogers - Arizona Private Residence
24”x24” work entitled “Love Notes”

Mr. & Mrs. M. Salter- Westminster CO Private Residence
48”x48” work entitled “Set the Rain on Fire”

Mr. & Mrs. J. Reinhart - Private Residence
36”x24” work entitled “Fragmented Joy”

Mr. & Mrs. D. Jackson - Private Residence
tryptic set 12”x36” each entitled “Psalm 37:4”

Mr. & Mrs. F. Heckendorf - Private Residence
36”x12” work entitled “Indian Summer”

Mrs. J. Muehleis - Chicago Private Residence
48”x48” work entitled “Garden Mist”

Mr. & Mrs. J. Faulkner - Arizona Private Residence
48"x48" entitled “The Dawn”
36"x24" entitled “Cityscape”

Mr. & Mrs. J. Durnford - Private Residence
36”x24” work entitled “Natural Light In Focus”

Mr. & Mrs. E. Durnford - Private Residence
tryptic set 8”x8” each entitled “Got A Friend”

Mrs. R. Oliver - Private Residence
20”x20” work from series entitled “Set the Rain on Fire”

Mr. & Mrs. M. Gallegos - Private Residence
tryptic set 12”x12” each from series entitled “Set the Rain on Fire”

Ms. J. Derry - Executive Office
12”x12” entitled “Sanguine”
12”x12” entitled “Taking Notes”

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